Deploy on the Now

Hi Team,

I have read the documentation on how to deploy the Frontity app on Now here.

But, as I am new to react is there any detailed ducomentation on how to deploy Frontity as on the Now service?


Sure. Let us know the part you don’t understand and we’ll improve the guide :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response

I have started with NOW but I don’t know how to create project in Now and and push the Frontity files to NOW service.

Any video guide would be helpful.


Aslo, Please guide how to deploy the Frontity app on the Netlify.

Also, Right now I just want to test as a staging site so what should I have to add in the now.json file in alias : “alias”: [“”],

Hi @janak.kaneriya!

We have added some details to Now guide in order to make it clearer. There is also an extra section at the end where we explain how you can make a deploy without setting your domain yet, an Now will assign you one that works exactly as your real domain would.

We hope this new info is enough for you and please, if you still have any doubts don’t hesitate to write them.

We are still working on improving this part of the docs: we will try to make a video for Now and adding new hosting guides as Netlify :blush:

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I’m not 100% sure yet that you can use Netlify Functions to do server side rendering. We need to investigate this further or even contact them to see if they can help us out.

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Hi @SantosGuillamot

Thanks for your reply.

If you have read my first message you can see that guide you have provided didn’t work for me.

If you can provide more details than the provided in guide would help me to setup the demo of Frontity on stating.

Or I have to wait till you guys upload video guide.


Hi @luisherranz

No worries this is just alternative of Now if we couldn’t setup demo on Now we are looking forward to setup demo on Netlify.


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Updated guide did work !!!

Thank you so much. :slight_smile:


I’m glad it’s working now @janak.kaneriya :slight_smile: