Deploy on Cloudflare Pages


Today I came across Cloudflare Pages (see: It looks like a nice alternative for Vercel. So I wanted to try it out with a Frontity repo I’ve set up to fiddle around a bit with it. (see:

I copied our existing repo and created a new one because it needed to be on GitHub. I setup a new environment in Cloudflare Pages and added the repo. There’s no preset for Frontity available, so I just left it at None, but also tried Create React App. At first I just left npm run build as the build command and /build as the build output directory.

But after building the project and visiting the result, the site is totally blank. The DOM only shows a body element and nothing more. No errors in the console either. (see:

I tried to change the build command to npx frontity build and the build directory to /build/static or leaving it empty. On all occurrences the building process finishes, but the page stays blank. I feel like I might be missing a step along the way.

Also I can’t find any documentation about deploying to Cloudflare Pages.

Hi @dominique

I’m afraid that Frontity wouldn’t work with the Cloudflare platform without some modifications. The Cloudlare Pages are also just for static hosting (so similar to netlify) so in order to run the Frontity server we would need to deploy to Cloudflare Workers.
Unfortunately you cannot just run any nodejs app in Cloudflare Workers because the Workers API is not compatible with standard node APIs.

@luisherranz mentioned more details in the following post and as far as I can tell all of those still hold true

Hi @juanma :wave:

Thanks for explaining, I’ll forget about it then!