Deploy Frontity to Vercel

Hello everybody,

First of all, I’m really new in Frontity and sorry if my questions are so simple. I have looked for the answer in the forum, but I couldn’t find anything that helps me.

I have finished my website on my local machine and now it is time to deploy it!
I have been following the different steps for deploying it to Vercel, but I can’t get it.

For what I understood, I have to upload to Vercel the Frontity project and to my web host the project of Wordpress (in a subdomain). Then, redirect the Vercel app to the domain where I would like to show the website. Is it correct? Or am I missing something?

If I am correct, I try to upload to Vercel the Frontity project, but there is an “Internal Sever Error”. Do I have to upload only the files inside the build folder after doing npm run build?

Thanks a lot in advance.


create file vercel.json and paste the below content.

“version”: 2,
“builds”: [
“src”: “package.json”,
“use”: “@frontity/now”

Push your code on repo and then run command > npx vercel --prod

You will then have to authenticate Vercel and then changes will be deployed on Vercel

Hi @appevolver2022 Thanks for your reply.

I have added the vercel.json file you told me, but I still have the same Internal Server Error… What can I do to show you what I have done? Here you have the link of the app: