Deploy Frontity con Vercel

Description of my problem

I uploaded my project done with Frontity to Vercel, I successfully linked it with the domain:

Everything works perfect except the following point that I detail:

When a user tries to access a category (Click on the category “Science and technology”) the section is constantly loading.

Link to the project on Github

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Thank you very much!

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DescripciĂłn de mi problema

Subí mi proyecto realizado con Frontity a Vercel, lo vinculé de forma éxitosa con el subdominio (arriba el link ↑)

Todo funciona perfecto excepto el siguiente punto que detallo:

Cuando un usuario pretende acceder a una categoría ( Por ejemplo hacer click en categoría “Ciencia y tecnología” ) la sección queda constantemente cargando.

Desde ya mil gracias! :slight_smile:

Problem solved. The error was in the file frontity.settings.js

Incorrect link:
Correct link:


Glad to see that you finally managed to find the error, @HugoRomero. And welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

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I just have solves this issue by myself to :grinning: It’s a bit stupid because locally (over HTTP) it works perfectly

@Reyes maybe it’d be a good idea to put a line, inside the vercel documentation ( to make sure people are using HTTPS for the api in wp-source. As vercel does force HTTPS. What do you think?


Good point @phn. Let’s ping the @documentation-team. In any case, it would be great if you contribute to the docs with this suggestion. It’s pretty easy, you have a guide covering how to do it here.



I’ve created an issue to implement your suggestion:

As @Pablo suggests, feel free to submit a PR with your suggestion. Frontity is an open source project and we welcome contributions from the community.


oh thanks, I will try to create a PR for this :grinning: