Deploy Frontity build file to cPanel

I have purchased a web domain and a web hosting that contains its own cPanel. I have also build my Frontity project as well. I also made sure that my web hosting supports Node.js. After updating the node and npm versions to match my machine that develops the web app, I then followed these steps to try and get the web hosting to work:

  1. I ensured that my package.json contains the domain name. ie: “homepage”: “
  2. I created the build file using npx frontity build. This produces the build directory which contains the static folder and server.js file. I then zipped both files under a zip file called
  3. I uploaded the file to cPanel, in which I extracted its contents inside the /public_html directory within my web hosting.
  4. I then cd into my build folder, and ran npx frontity serve to run the website, as suggested by moderator juanma in this deployment for Frontity topic. However, on my screen, it just shows 403 Forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied.
  5. I then created a .htaccess at at the /public_html directory, using Finoy Francis’s answer at Step 5 for routing i believe. However it still shows the same 403 Forbidden Access error.

What steps should I take from this point forward?