Deep links are not working on the first click

Hi all,

I’ve been working in Frontity for a couple of months now and it’s been a great experience overall so far. This forum helped me a lot and I found answers for the previous problems here, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find the answer for the current one- the deep links are not working on the first click (the first click would take me to the random section of the page). They start working on the second click and continue working as expected after that. So basically, each deep link should be clicked once before they get to start working properly. The links are fetched from WP database and here is the screenshot of how am I displaying it. I was wondering what could be a cause of it?


Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 12.22.10 PM

Could it be that sections aren’t loaded yet, or don’t have their final height due to lazy loaded images?

This would cause the internal links to go to the wrong location since the content is moving around.

Hi Johan,

Thank you for the quick replay! I re-started the app and scroll all the way down to load the whole content and I am still having the same problem. The links are only working after the second click.

Is there a way to disable the SSR on a page? I think @Johan might be onto something because the original version of the site, built with create-react-app works just fine: