Customizing socialLinks on frontity-chakra-theme

Hello everyone,

I’m currently customizing a build of the chakra theme and would like to add social links to my GitHub and Linked in. The themes defaults are for

   socialLinks: [
            ["pinterest", ""],
            ["facebook", ""],
            ["twitter", ""]

But I have been unable to find any resources to link to any other type of social media.

For example,
["linkedin", ""],

Results in nothing appearing in either the header or the footer of the theme.
Does anyone have any suggestions? TIA on this one. Would love any feedback. :slight_smile:

Best regards.

Hi @spiral272, you are not able to use Github for your social link because you do not have the icon on the social-menu.js page.


  1. Go to components/header/social-menu.js file and update this code in that page
const icons = {
  twitter: IoLogoTwitter,
  pinterest: IoLogoPinterest,
  facebook: IoLogoFacebook,
  instagram: IoLogoInstagram,
  github: IoLogoGithub
  1. Go to src/index.js and update this code
socialLinks: [
        ["pinterest", ""],
        ["facebook", ""],
        ["twitter", ""],
        ["github", ""]

Now it should work :blush:

Here is my working screenshot


Thank you, @santoshdevnath15 . That did it. You’re awesome!

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