Custom Theme

Hi, is this possible to install any custom theme and plugin like we can on normal WordPress installation by clicking “Add New” or only limited themes can be used? please advise.

Hi @umar

You can install any available Frontity theme or package - though be aware that a theme is just a special instance of a package - as far as Frontity itself is concerned there’s no real difference.

mars-theme and twentytwenty-theme come as defaults, but you can install any Frontity theme or package available in the npm repository.

Alternatively you can create your own theme from scratch. Here is a good tutorial that will walk you through the process of creating a theme step by step.

If you create your own theme that you’re happy with then please do consider sharing it on the npm repository so that it’s available to others. Frontity is open source and we embrace the open source ethos of sharing code.

Hi @mburridge and thanks for your reply, i think i understand the usage but looks like i can only use specific frontity themes or similar, not very much interactive type usually available to buy, but thanks for clarification.

Hi @umar

Yes, you can only use Frontity themes with Frontity - you can’t, for example, use a WordPress theme.