Custom Post Types in the F1 theme

Hoping someone can help a newbie. I’m just starting out with Frontity and headless wordpress so bear with me.

I’m starting with the F1 theme and have so far got my site working and have started to style it but I would like to add in a portfolio of some projects i’ve worked on.

I have a custom post type of Projects on my wordpress install so trying to pull these in to my development. I’ve been following this tutorial Add support for Custom Post Types - Frontity Tutorial but it’s not working.

All i get is a 404 error.

I’ve loaded my project to git here if anyone fancies a look GitHub - LobsterDM/ Trying to build a new theme for my own site

The site i’m pulling the data from is at

Any help is gratefully received. Thanks

This post is now redundant. I solved it myself by going back through the tutorial and following the instructions more explicitly.

The tutorial is excellent btw

When it comes to custom post types, WordPress supports an unlimited number of Custom Post Types. You can create your custom posts and call them up wherever you want. To create a custom post type for any particular theme on WordPress, navigate to the function.php file from your WordPress theme directory but make sure to create a backup before making any changes to deal with any mishap. The custom post type requires coding skills. Checkout this article on custom post type cloudways. com/blog/how-to-create-custom-post-types-in-wordpress if you need detailed guidance with pre-written coding.