"Custom Post Types" how to use them from my Frontity project?

In https://test.frontity.org/ there’s this URL available from a Custom Post Type

If I define the proper Custom Post Type in the wp-source package

Shouldn’t I be able to access that same URL from my Frontity Project?

I’m also not able to find any reference to this Custom Post Type in state.source

Where are they supossed to be in state.source?

This is de CodeSandbox I’m using to test this

Looks like you have been able to resolve this @juanma, right?

I can navigate to https://tdx4y.sse.codesandbox.io/movies/terminator/ and I can see the movie correctly:

In the screenshot of the devtools that you posted the API was still pointing to https://test.frontity.io/wp-json - was that the issue?

Yes, it is working now.
I don’t know what was the issue here