Custom ACF Gutenberg blocks?

Hi! I was browsing around, and found the Gutenberg support thread, but I see that it hasn’t been updated for a while. I recently got turned onto Frontity, and I am very tempted to completely shift gears and attempt to integrate it into my stack. However, a significant part of providing a modern content management experience (at least, for me), is by having the option to create theme-specific Gutenberg blocks with ACF, that clients can use to create layouts themselves with.

I think this is one of the saving graces of Gutenberg (and WordPress, really), since you can enqueue the CSS that your theme uses directly into the editor, thereby essentially creating what is one of the best looking page-builder esque content management experiences (where blocks can be restricted).

I’ve been browsing this - and other forums for a while today, but can’t really seem to find any definitive word on wether these ACF blocks are currently able to be rendered as intended into a Frontity application, or if there are plans to implement this feature?

Hi @maschvam,

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Gutenberg blocks will generate some specific HTML with some specific classes, so, on one side, as long as you load the Gutenberg styles in Frontity using <Global> they should be rendered with the proper styles

On the other side, as Frontity works with React, if any of these components require some specific behavior you won’t be able to use jQuery or native javascript to apply that behaviour but instead you have to use React components for that in the Frontend

With Frontity you can use processors to replace specific HTML patterns with React components that can have all the required behaviour.

Here you have a demo using processors

And also, the Frontity site is made using Gutenberg blocks. Here you have the respository of this project

Hope this helps.