Creating a reusable Theme

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Hey u guys…

Since the last package release I did.

I’ve been having a good play with my theme and trying to think in react+wordpress terms when animating stuff.

When animating elements with JS you need to know start position, tween, end position.

Then, in the ccs I would position the elements in their default ‘fallback’ position. Usually the end, so it looks nice even if JS is disabled.

However, using Frontity I need to think a bit different,

styled content
I’ve converted al the the css to CSS-IN-JS, added some content, styled specific page content, added config, etc.

I hit a few dominance issues with styling. It’s annoying not having code hints in string literals.

I’m now loading separate targeted styles for global, pages and posts. I’ve spent the last few weeks playing with the config of my theme.

on pages:

on posts

My deployment of some new bits include creating temporal events as a cpt and animated timelines from custom taxonomies.

I initially experimented with adding styled scrollbars.

custom post types and taxonomies:

I have added the cf7 package

Testing - Not sure how to customise packages without breaking updates.

Google Analytics

I’ve added the Frontity package and exposed my data studio reports on this page:

Content Strips/blocks/widgets

working on poststrips to display x number of post/cpt (by recent/random related tag/category would be the norm).

Think I’ve hit a wall getting WP Rest filter and ordering to work together. Need to create endpoints.

Advanced sorting/filtering[orderby]=year&order=asc

Aggregation and multiple data sources

Updates, Customisation align with core theme dev


Theming and recycling…

I think I want to separate my components and split the theme into packages ie:

primitiveone (the theme) - unique per site. contains mountains (views) + sand/dust (js/css)
primitiverocks (my component library)
primitivescenes (a component library with additional dependencies - gsap/scrollmagic)

I’d rather pull some config from WP so end users can edit themself. Can’t image this will be hard.

  • will check what I usually have in functions.php, settings.php and options.php files.

Existing config and plugins

  • does fontitity.settings have dominance over default settings in packages.

WP 2020 Child Theme

Hey @shaun It looks like you are only using the original post and you’re updating it from time to time. It is a good way to have all the info structured in the same place, but it makes it a bit hard to follow your progress. I would recommend you to also post replies under this thread every time you have an update or a question so people will be able to follow your progress and interact with you :blush:

Hey Pablo.

I went off on a tangent.
I re-configured the deployment and changed the primary domain name on my site.

The main part will be feedback here and some example links