Create a guide explaining how to update frontity framework and its packages

As we are releasing new versions of the framework really often, I think it would be interesting to create a guide explaining how to update frontity and its packages.

@luisherranz has explained it here: Cannot read property 'frontity' of undefined

@SantosGuillamot can you do it? :blush:

Yeah sure, I think it is a great idea! I will add how to update Frontity, a specific package, and check which ones are outdated. As I understood the command npm outdated is for this right @luisherranz? Will it be the best way if your packages are updated?

This is a great idea. Many people coming from WordPress won’t know how to update npm packages.

If I’m not mistaken the only thing you would ever need once we launch the 1.0.0 version is npm update.

Yes, that’s right. npm update updates the package.json with the latest compatible versions:


So npm update it is :slight_smile:

If you wan to update only one, you can do it with:

npm update my-package

Thanks @luisherranz!

Just another question: I guess that is also a good practice to keep updated Node and maybe the PHP version of your WordPress right? I was thinking of recommending it on the guide but I am not sure if it makes sense.

Well, I have prepared a first version with Luis’ comments about Frontity’s updates:

Feel free to share your feedback or even update it yourselves :smile:

Although keeping PHP and/or Node update is a good practice is always not really important for Frontity development and I’d rather invest time in creating other guides more related to Frontity at this stage.