CORS Policy Issue

Hi guys,

I just live my website but I got a lots of console issues.

WP API SOURCE: (Siteground Server)
Frontity Website: ( Vercel)

Could you please help me fix the issues?


Hi @codepinoys

Those three links you’re providing seem to point to the same WordPress site

Can you please provide a repo or code-sandbox with your code? This is especially helpful to find solutions to technical issues with specific code

Detailing the info suggested here when having issues will help the community to provide the best possible help as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


i believe you need to set the proper headers in your server(WP) in order to allow Frontity to connect with it. Here is the siteground article: Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)

Hope that helps.


Hi @juanma ,

Thank you for you reply. Right now, I just removed the frontity on my website. I will bring it back once the issue is fix.

Repo: GitHub - josephbuarao/panlasangpinoyrecipes at master
Test Url:

Issues: There are a lots of console issues. Could you please advise how to fix those? Including the Cors Policy Issue.


Thank you @ni.bonev

Also, do you have idea why I get Server Internal Error? Here’s my test url


Hey @codepinoys,

need a bit more info to help with that. I just checked the vercel link and you seem to be up and running. There are some errors in the console but it doesn’t seem like anything is breaking.

Just a note, if you want your Frontity to run on you will need to move your wordpress installation to a different domain or a subdomain. For example