Core Web Vitals - Avoid using old JavaScript in modern browsers

Hi there,

When I run the core web vitals test, it gives me this warning

Avoid using old JavaScript in modern browsers

My frontity installation has no extra components, it only works with the default components.

Any idea how to fix it?

thanks in advance,

Hi @franfal1981

Can you provide more information about your project (a link to a repo would be great) and your testing procedure please.

It seems to be caused by the polyfill that Frontity embeds to support older browsers.

This is certainly not an issue and won’t cause any “damage” to the scores you can get from any tool (like PageSpeed Insights).

A future fix could be:

  • don’t include polyfills client side
  • add polyfills only client side when needed
  • make it an option in the project
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ok, thanks for your reply.