Convert WordPress theme in Frontity but asset import issue

I have create a theme in wordpress thats not an issue at all. Now I want to convert into Frontity.

I am ready with data but issue with look and feel. I want exect look in frontity. Website built with Bootstrap 4.0 framework and custom css file. If anyone can help me for import asset in Frontity.

Hi @vasimmca2015

Welcome to the community. We’re delighted that you’re using Frontity.

To replicate the look of your WordPress theme in Frontity you will need to create a Frontity theme.

You have two approaches, find a theme which is similar and adapt and/or extend it, or create a theme from scratch.

When you install Frontity with npx frontity create you are offered the choice of two themes - i.e. mars-theme or twentytwenty-theme. Mars theme is a bare-bones minimal theme and is a great starting point for adapting and customising into the theme you want to create.

Alternatively you could search for frontity theme on to find a theme which is close to what you want to end up with and start adapting that one.

The second approach would be to create a completely custom theme from scratch. Check out this tutorial which explains the process for doing that.

Finally, if you need to incorporate Bootstrap or other CSS into your Frontity theme check out this repo which demonstrates an example and should give you some guidance. In particular check out this file.

I hope the above helps.

Hi @mburridge ,

I am following video which is there on youtube. FrontityTalk is explain everything and I am thankful for that video.

Thank you for the solution. I will implement and let you know about the same.

I have implemented acf in wordpress default post type i.e. post type is page. I can see acf data in /wp-json/wp/v2/pages while in frontity.state can’t find it. do you have any example to check.

Do you have a repo that we can clone so we can see what you’re trying to do?

@mburridge I don’t want to expose website url. Is there any way to check. can I share something here as private reply ?

@mburridge I have upload code in repository.

You can pull code and check.

I have installed following things :

  • ACF plugin
  • ACF to Rest API

ACF field in page :

Website URL :

@mburridge I have found solution for Bootstrap. Thanks for that theme.

I am still confused why acf is not visible in frontity.state. #dev-talk-questions

I am still getting issues with Bootstrap. I have check the following

Hi @vasimmca2015

Can you expand on that please. What issues are you getting with Bootstrap? What have you already tried?