Contact Form 7 Throws Error on Submit


  • Installed Contact Form 7 Plugin
  • Created Contact page and added short code to it

Frontity - I followed this for installation:

“frontity”: “^1.14.2”,
“frontity-contact-form-7”: “^0.1.7”,


  • when I submit the form, the page becomes blank, and the error is thrown in the console

Github Repository

Hi @mh123 ,

In this Frontity Talk, we (DevRel team) talk about how to use Contact Form in a Frontity project

Please, have a look to check if you can succesfully use Contact Form in a Frontity project

Hope this helps

Hi again @mh123 ,

After another review, I’ve realized that the contact form 7 package from NPM doesn’t work with the latest version of the contact form 7 plugin.

So, you should either get the package from Github, or use an earlier version of the plugin.

Check this post for more info about this

hi @juanma

thank you for your replies.

I read from @mburridge 's post that any version of the contact form 7 plugin lower then 5.2 will work, so I rolled back the version (first to 5.1, then to 5.1.9) and the validation is now working / showing error messages etc (which earlier wasn’t the case, so that’s cool).

However, when I press submit it says “processing…” (earlier wasn’t) for about 10 secs and then it throws the same error as I posted.

Any idea what to do?

Ps. the email is being sent properly. I can see the message is received in my mailbox.

Hi @mh123

There’s a new version of the Contact Form 7 package that seems to fix some of the bugs of the latest version

Can you try it in your project to see if it solves the issues you’re having w/ this package?