Connecting a video/text chat Wordpress plugin or external video/chat functionality

Hello :blush: Really enjoying learning about WordPress and Frontity, watching the videos and reading the documentation!

Me and my colleague are building a site for a women’s organisation where they can use WordPress as the CMS to update the content of their site and then Frontity as the frontend. We have been asked to implement a video/chat function that’s embedded into the site and have found one WP plugin that looks quite good and a few external ones, daily and whereby.

We were wondering if anyone has implemented such a feature in their Frontity site and wonder if they wouldn’t mind sharing their code or what they used?

Many thanks!

Hi @clairecaudwell

Welcome to the community - great to see that you’re using Frontity for your project.

There’s the Catalyst Video Chat package on npmjs. It might be worth checking it out to see if it meets your needs.

Hi Michael :blush:

Thanks for the tip. I’ll have a look at it. Will be back with some more questions soon too regarding some other things about Frontity! But me and my colleague really like it so far.

Thanks for your help!

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