Connect Frontity with Wordpress local hosted site


I have been working in Wordpress for ages and is at least decent with it. Now I want to create the front end with JS instead since it seems faster and you can do more cool stuff with it, but keep Wordpress as the backend. I tried following the tutorial here: Create a Wordpress Website using React 🔥 | Wordpress RESTFUL API with React w/ Frontity - YouTube and got it working until like 13:00 to show the webpage for the mars theme.

Everything that starts from there he explains really badly, he gets errors which he just fixes in the background without showing how and it is all like greek for me.

Are there better tutorials to change state.source.url from to your own localhost (website.test in my case when using Laragon)? It all seems very complicated to me and there are tons of new libraries, packages etc that I seem to need in that video.

HI, I think a good start could be this
Frontity docs

I don’t find that there is a good documentation to get started, as mentioned it is all very unclear and seems complicated. I wouldn’t ask if I hadn’t already watched tons of videos and read the documentation.

If the official docs and tutorial is not enough I don’t know what to say. I fyou just need to change thestate.source.url it’s in the settings file of frontity