Conditionally Render an iframe on custom post type based on ACF field value?

I want to render an iframe which loads a booking widget into a page.

The page link is ‘/sub/for-renters’

I currently have an ACF field for the “sub” custom post type.

The ACF is called “posttype”, and the field values are “about, renters, and owners” for each of the post types values I have under the sub post type.

if the posttype = “renters”, it should render the iframe, else don’t render it at all.

I see that I added the acf properly and I can access it since it is console.logged in the dev tools.

I tried doing an if statement to make it work, but keep crashing everything and get a " TypeError: Assignment to constant variable." error

Just wondering if anyone was doing something similar and how you resolved it? Should I put the iframe in a separate component and load it that way?

Here’s whats coming out of dev tools:

Here’s my code for Sub.js:

const Sub = ({ state, actions, libraries }) => {

const data = state.source.get(;

const sub = state.source[data.type][];

const postType = sub.acf.posttype

const Html2React = libraries.html2react.Component;

useEffect(() => {
}, []);

return data.isReady ? (


    {state.theme.featured.showOnPost && (
      <FeaturedMedia id={sub.featured_media} />

      <Html2React html={sub.content.rendered} />
      {postType = "renters" ? 
          width= "80%"
          height= "900px"
          <Contact />
) : null;


Here’s the console.log in dev tools showing that postType variable is correctly being accessed?



Hi @chayce.solchaga

Should that line be: postType == "renters"?

It looks to me that that should be a conditional check, not a variable assignment - which will fail as postType has been defined as a const.

@mburridge yes you were right! Thank you for your help once again! I definitely need more coffee :laughing: . Sometimes being in “Frontity” land you forget that you’re still part of Planet “React” :+1:

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Hi @chayce.solchaga,

In fact it should be

if (postType === "renters") {

If you want to know why, pls read here

Kind regards