CodePen Embed is not shown in post page

I embed code from into my site but it does not show it.
Previously it was working, but recently I noticed that it does not.
Here is my GitHub repo
This is my site.

Hi @mymakarim

Where should we be looking? Can you let us know which is the part of the code in the repo that you think is not working. Thanks.

I developed this site some months ago, at that time it used to show the embedded Codepen page in my post.js but now it is showing this

It was working before, why is it not working now?

Hi @mymakarim

Is this in the code or in the content fetched from the WP API?

This is the content in API.
I upload Codepen embeds in the content of each post. Previously it was working fine now it is not

Have you tried getting a new embed code from CodePen and adding it to your content?

Is this happening just for one Pen or for several?

It happens to all of the embedded ones, I tried new but it didn’t work!