Code changed, but the console do not take any response,

I am in the develop environment by “npx frontity dev”
node js version v10.16.3
npm -v 6.14.8
yarn -v 1.22.10

when I chage the souce code , the console do not take any response correspondly, even when I delete critcal files, this situation is still there,.and in the browser, the result of “local:3000” keep none changed.
I try ro delete the node_modules director, and run “yarn install” to regenerate node_modules directory, then I can see the change in browser.
It appear suddenly , so strange :innocent: Help me,pls.

Hi @12732801

I’m not sure what the problem is that you’re experiencing. Is it that the webpack live-reload isn’t working?

Ensure that your Frontity installation is up to date.

guided by the content below , I solve the problem , thanks for your remind :hugs:
The process to install a local package is pretty similar, but you’ll have to make minor modifications.

  1. You need to install the package as an external one by running npm install new-frontity-package

  2. It will be installed inside the node_modules folder of your project, so you’ll need to look for the package and move it to the folder packages inside your Frontity project.

  3. Next step would be to change your package.json. You’ll have your new package inside the dependencies of your project, pointing to its latest version. As we are going to use it as a local package, we have to point it to its proper folder.