CNBC Africa

Check out my new project on frontity. Finished it up in 6 weeks. A big thanks to @luisherranz @mburridge and the frontity community - this forum resource has been key in getting this up and running.

A bit about the project - a wordpress cms is feeding the main api. I am also pulling in content from a video CMS (brightcove) and a data api from Refinativ to show market data.

Future expansion: Youtube API integration and more financial data pages. Also working on AMP next.


Great work @swahi! :clap:

Hey @swahi thanks for sharing your work here!

Congratulations, the result is awesome.


The site is amazing. Great work! :tada: Very impressive that you finished it in just six weeks!

Iā€™m glad that you found this forum to be useful to you. It would be great if you can give back by sharing the knowledge and experience you gained on this project with other members of the community.

Lovely. Thanks for sharing it @swahi :slightly_smiling_face: