CLI: Display basic tips and information after creating a project or package


I think it would be really helpful to display to the user a sort of “next steps” in the CLI after having run frontity create or frontity create-package !

Currently this is the output for running frontity create-package lalala :

> ~/Testing  npx frontity create frontity-hello-test
npx: installed 147 in 30.758s
✔ Ensuring /Users/czapla/Testing/frontity-hello-test directory.
✔ Creating package.json.
✔ Creating frontity.settings.js.
✔ Cloning @frontity/mars-theme.
✔ Installing dependencies.
✔ Downloading favicon.ico.

Frontity project created.

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Ok, that's fine! 😉
You can subscribe at any point with npx frontity subscribe <email>.

Run cd frontity-hello-test && npx frontity dev and have fun! 🎉

You can find docs at
If you have any doubts, join our community at

We can add something like:

Your theme is in `frontity-hello-test/packages/mars-theme`. 

To learn why frontity projects are divided into packages:

1. Edit the `settings.frontity.js` to:
  - Point your theme to your REST API endpoint
  - Add a name and description to your site
Learn more:

2. Look in the `frontity-hello-test/packages/mars-theme/src/index.js to:
  - Add custom settings to your theme
  - Add state
  - Add custom actions

This is super basic, just to give an idea.


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