Change the URL of the /static/ folder

I’m trying to deploy a project built on frontity to a website that’s actually already built on WordPress. Sounds odd, but there’s good reason. It’s an entirely new page that relies on none of the original code, so it seemed like a nice opportunity to use React.

I’m using a pass through ‘redirect’ to change the URL from this:

into this:

So when visiting the /links page, it’s actually serving the Digital Ocean app behind the scenes.

The problem is as you’ll see can probably see is that the content won’t load; it’s trying to find the /static/ folder on the domain instead of the Digital Ocean one.

I tried using publicPath to tell webpack where to find the files, but it’s not working.

What’s the proper way of doing this?

Bump… :smiley:

I could still really do with some help on this if anyone has any ideas?