Chakra ui version 1

Hello all,

I’ve forked chakra ui: and it works very well up to version

        "@chakra-ui/core": "^1.0.0-rc.8",

When I upgrade Chakra and Frontity to the latest version Chakra components are not styled correctly.

Chakra’s Upgrade guide says:

Remove the emotion-theming package. As at emotion v11, emotion-theming as been removed and all it's functionality as been migrated to @emotion/react.
Rename the @emotion/core package to @emotion/react. @emotion/core was recently changed to @emotion/react following the v11 release by the emotionjs team.
Rename the @chakra-ui/core package to @chakra-ui/react.
Update the @emotion/styled package to v11.

I believe the issue I’m experencing is because:

Chakra is using:

"@emotion/react": "^11.0.0",
"@emotion/styled": "^11.0.0",

And Frontity “version”: “1.9.1” is using:

 "@emotion/core": "^10.0.22",



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Hi @maurice.tadros

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I think that this needs to be addressed by a member of our development team. @David can you help out here?

Hi there!

I think you’re totally right and I think the issue is due to the different emotion version. We have in mind to update Frontity to use React 17 and Emotion 11 as explained in the Feature Discussion. I assume this would solve your issue. In the meantime, I would recommend to keep using the previous version of Chakra until this is updated in the Frontity side.


Once Frontity is updated I’ll update Chakra and let you guys know if that solves the problem.


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Since the update (Update to React 17 and Emotion 11) it’s working again! :slight_smile:
Big thanks Frontity Dev Team!


Thank you Dev Team and @koli14, This works as expected. Upgrading the original Chakra/Frontity theme has a couple of minor issues but I’ll fix those in a few days then make a pull request.