Chakra Theme: how to remove page title and make wp page full width so there's not massive empty background?

I’m having an issue with removing the page titles. For example on home page, there’s a great big H1 that says “Home”. Changing the css in the wp source site does not seem to have an effect. Also, I’d like to make the wp content full width or at least wider than it is now. I find the current layout has margins around the content that are much too large for my liking.

WP source site URL: (looks horrible, I know)
Most recent version of my current Frontity build’s repo: GitHub - Trevorton27/chakraPersonalSiteBuild

This is a beautiful theme and I love the speed and functionality of Frontity but, wow, is different from just about any other React environment I’ve used.

Would love any guidance and hope to be able to offer the same once I get a little more used to this platform. Thanks in advance on this one and happy developing.