CF7 inputs not working

Hi community!
I have a problem with Contact Form 7 integration.
I’ve to add an acceptance field, but when i submit the form, it seems that the value is not send to server and the response is always “You must accept …”.
Any idea? I’m using this package: , because the package frontity-contact-form-7 - npm doesn’t work on my project.

In this scenario, if you have not added the package name in frontity-settings.js then you have to add this package.

"packages": [
  // other packages ...

And if you already added the following things like that and yet not working. then you can give access to me your project. I will try to help you. I have solved this kind of issue before. Feel free to reply to me here.

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I’m having the same problem with the acceptance fields with the same package.

I’ve already added the code in the frontity-settings.js and the form is working as intended but for those fields.
I’ve tried the form without the acceptance fields and the email was sent succesfully.

You can check the form on this page Scrivici - Goldnet

Thank you!

Hi @alex.bicego @simone.tissi,

I have made a fix, but for now, it only supports an accept button that has to be checked, it can not be optional. Would that be okay? Or does it need to support optional as well?


Hi @kasper,
First of all, thank you! For now, a required checkbox is more than enough, I’ve planned to make the field not optional either way. Maybe In the future, I’ll need the optional one but not right now.

Hi @kasper ,
Thank you! I had already solved it by putting a custom control outside cf7, recovering the button and disabling it when the checkbox I entered is not selected. But I’ll try your solution!

Hi @kasper where could I find the fix that you made?

Thank You!

Hi Kasper!
I’m having the same issue. Can you show us how you did it, please?
That would be great!


  • Vanessa

@alex.bicego @vanessa.dallapozza @simone.tissi I have released a beta version:

Thank you Kasper :slight_smile:

It seems to work even for not requiered checkboxes for me
However it only works for single checkboxes

Multiple checkboxes only sends ‘1’ if any checkbox is checked, without providing values

I can still get my form to send the proper informations by spliting multiple checkboxes into individual ones so this is not a huge concern

But if you somehow have time to release a not beta version of this including multiple checkbox this would be amazing !

Again, thank you so much for your package, it helps a ton :slight_smile: