[Case Study] Migrating Diariomotor to Frontity

Diariomotor is one of the leading automotive publications in Spain. Last month we spoke with his CTO Javier Serrano (@javier) on how they migrated to Frontity and the benefits they’ve have gained from using the framework. So far, Frontity has allowed their team to:

  • Reduce web development and maintenance workloads.
  • Have independent cache invalidation strategies, impacting positively both on performance and on the server load.
  • Improve the Core Web Vitals metrics.

Hop on over to the Diariomotor Case Study to know more:

Thank you to Javier and the Diariomotor team for bringing their expertise around the table and for contributing to make Frontity better by providing feedback, testing features, and reporting bugs among many other things. :raised_hands: