[Case Study] Growing Gudog’s blog by 88% with Frontity

At the beginning of 2019 (shortly before we announced our decision of placing all our focus on the open source framework), the dog sitting startup Gudog approached us with the goal of improving their blog’s experience on mobile devices.

Since they installed Frontity, the results have been very positive! Gudog has increased their organic blog traffic by 88%, improved their SEO results, and delivered almost instant load times on mobile.

Read more in our case study: https://blog.frontity.org/case-study-gudog/.


Great job @Reyes, I’m really excited about sharing what we achieved with Gudog, and can’t wait to start sharing the new success stories we are working on :slight_smile:

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This is awesome to hear! Thank you for sharing the case study and good job to the team at Frontity! :grin:


What happened?!

It looks like they went back to a traditional stack: https://blog.gudog.com/ ?

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The Frontity PRO theme was mobile only so you have to visit from a mobile, or use the Chrome mobile emulation.

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