Can't get a Image Slider/Gallery working

I’m trying to make a gallery work on my page.
Despite the fact I’ve read tons of forum topics about this same subject, still I’m not able to make it work…

Idealistic I’ll be using the Wordpress “De-light on page slide” (not sure if it is a default Wordpress-gallery type)
Schermafbeelding 2022-05-25 om 11.59.34

which results in this Wordpress code

[gallery slidetitles="no" slidenumbers="below" transitionspeed="700" slidesize="DeLight 1000px" slideloop="yes" link="none" gallerytype="delight_slide" ids="14775,14710,14705"]

When I upload this now, there are no images shown. I’ve tried with wrapping

<figure class="wp-block-gallery"></figure>

around the code, no luck.
If I use the standard Wordpress native gallery, it works, but it’s literally a gallery instead of slides.

then I’ve tried following this topic

Without the react-lightbox-component, since that is way to detailed to use but with simple-react-lightbox module. Still no luck.

Is there anyone who can help me further? I would really prefer the first option where the de-light gallery type is usable…

I did made a git repo, I followed the beginner’s tutorial, so you are able to find my code in packages → my -first-theme

I’m using this first-theme site to simply test some features but I’m planning to build my actual website in a ‘fresh’ repo. Repo

Huge thanks if anyone can help me on this