Can't download files


A comany website I’m developing have an IR module, and they need to have files available for download.

Why doesn’t the download button work?

Hi @kasper

Both URL and Blob is part of the Web API, thus not available on the server side of your app.

Have a look at this Stack Overflow answer that I think it will help you w/ this issue

Hope this helps

For anyone that want to use the file download block, I wrote this litte processor that solves it.

const fileBlock = {
   name: 'fileBlock',
test: ({ node }) => node.component === "div" && node.props.className === "wp-block-file",
processor: ({ node }) => {
	node.children[0] = "_blank";
	node.children[0].props.rel = "noreferrer noopener";
	if ( node.children[1] ) {
		node.children[1] = "_blank";
		node.children[0].props.rel = "noreferrer noopener";
    return node;
export default fileBlock;

Just realized that I have solved a problem that does no longer exist. The file block has been updated with a toggle so that you can set the target to blank in the editor. But still, this processor makes sure that even if you forget it, it works.