Can I use 'Easy digital download' plugin with Frontity? What's is the limitation of using wordpress plugins with Frontity?

I just find out Frontity and curious about the limitation of using WP plugins when using as Headless CMS.
Can I use any kind of Wordpress plugin with Frontity or there are some limitation?

Thanks for your amazing project, it seems really promising by first look.

Hi @rahadshz

Welcome to the community.

Any WP plugin that adds content to the REST API can be used with Frontity. Frontity just consumes whatever WordPress sends via the REST API.

Plugins that don’t add anything to the REST API, e.g those that just add functionality to WordPress, are irrelevant to Frontity.

Some older plugins add content to WordPress but may not add that content to the REST API. In those cases you can add the content to the REST API yourself with a little PHP code. See here for more info.

Those plugins that do add content to the REST API can do so in one of two ways. Firstly, they can add the content to the page or post content. This is usually done on the WordPress side using a shortcode. This content then just appears in the post’s or page’s content.rendered property and so is the easiest to work with in Frontity.

The second way is for the plugin to add the content to the REST API as a separate post type and so it would have it’s own endpoint. See our docs for adding custom post types to your Frontity project. We have also recently published a video in our Frontity Talks series on this.

I hope this helps. By the way, we’d love to know what you’re planning to build with Frontity - let us know about your project.

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Hi @mburridge

Thank you for an elaborate answer. I’m planning to study more about Frontity but not planning to develop anything yet. Hope to do so in future. Best of luck.

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You can’t use the shortcodes, I don’t believe, within the page editor. Those won’t work. Have to use rest api, if I’m understanding correctly.