Can I just deploy the files in the build folder to my host?

Hi there,

I’m not new neither expert with Frontity, but just would like to know if I can just get the files from the build folder and place inside my webspace in a host and that’s it.

If not, and someone can give me the directions. i really appreciate.

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Yes, well, Kind of. You would have to copy them to your host directory but, also, you will need to run a nodeJS instance and have some code to run. I use something like this (assuming you add your code in a “build” directory"):

//Include your server file. Frontity generates a server.js file
var frontity = require("./build/server").default;
var http = require("http");
var server = http.createServer(frontity);

//Use 80 or some available port
server.listen("80", "", () => {
  console.log(`Server running at`);

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Hi hendrys.tobar,

Thank you so much for your reply.

I will try and make it work and let you know.

Kind regards,