Buttons in Frontity vs Gutenberg


I have made this website: https://pvcalmenning.vercel.app/. It uses the AWSM F1 theme, and is buildt with gutenberg. The hero of the front page is react, the header and footer is react. So the links and buttons use the Link component. So when you press any of the buttons in the hero, it goes to the target without reloading the page.

When i press any of the buttons that are from gutenberg, it goes to the traget, but it reloads the page. Is there a way og getteing the Link component to work with the links from gutenberg buttons?

Repo: https://github.com/aamodtgroup/pvcalmenning/

I’m quite new to Frontity and react in general, so is there someting i’m doing wrong?

Hi @kasper

If the links are in the content then you need a processor to convert the links to use Frontity’s <Link> component.

We’ve just launched our new step-by-step tutorial to learning Frontity, and this topic is covered on this page.

If you’re new to Frontity it might be worth your while to work through our new tutorial from the beginning.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @mburridge ,

I already have the Html2React component, but it stille does not work. They are in gutenberg buttons, does that make a difference?

The theme i copied used a special made processor called links, so i added the link processor. Now it works.