Building with `npx frontity build` runs successfully but contents don't show up on my WordPress site

Hi, Frontity community,

I need help to bundle my frontity project to my WordPress site.
After running npx frontity build, the Frontity project contents don’t show up on my WordPress website.

WordPress site URL:

const settings = {
  name: "Emberville",
  state: {
    frontity: {
      url: "",
      title: "Emberville",
      description: "Frontity installation to Emberville Wordpress page.",
  packages: [
      name: "emberville-theme",
      state: {
        theme: {
          menu: [
            ["Get Started", "/get-started"],
            ["Testimonials", "/testimonials"],
            ["About", "/about"],
            ["Contact", "/contact"],
            ["Terms of Service", "/terms-of-service"],
            ["Privacy Policy", "/privacy-policy"],
        featured: {
          showOnList: false,
          showOnPost: false,
      name: "@frontity/wp-source",
      state: {
        source: {
          api: "",

export default settings;

This what I see on terminal when I run `npx frontity build:

  - mode: production
  - target: both
  - public-path: /static/

Building es5 bundle
Building module bundle
Building server bundle

What I expect is after I run the build command, my frontity project overwrites what I have on my Let me know if this is wrong.

Thank yoU!

Hi @misakimichy ,

The command frontity build generates a bundle that can be used in production. That bundle can be used with the command frontity serve in production

Frontity won’t replace your site but it will use the data stored in your wordpress installation in the React project you create using the Frontity framework.

This React project needs to be deployed to some hosting, like Vercel

Hope is more clear now