Building a Community based project with Frontity/WP

Planning a project that is more of a crowd-sourced project for a good cause.
This will entail use of mobile apps, Member logins for Volunteers & other roles that would need to post photos and also comments.

I know Frontity is more of a static pages for which some or most could be static, but wonder what an approach would be for the member logins or the community aspect of it, and if they are maybe some examples that someone would know build with Frontity to share, so we can see the possibilities or difficulties we would confront.

Did a search for buddypress on here, nothing in results, so asking the questions since we do not have any experience with frontity yet to know these answers.

Appreciate any tips and directions how to build a community based project leveraging the notion of static pages (where applicable) for speed and performance.


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Hi @geogeo

Frontity is not actually a static site generator, not in the way that Gatsby, say, is.

Frontity fetches content dynamically from the WordPress REST API. You can therefore install a membership plugin in your WordPress site and allow members to add and update their content there using the admin pages.

Frontity will then dynamically pull the content as soon as it’s added or changed and so the front-end of your site is always up to date, exactly as it is when you use a traditional PHP-based WordPress theme.

Hope the above helps. Let us know if you have any further questions.

BTW your project sounds really interesting. We’d love to know about what you’re planning to build with Frontity.

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@geogeo, did you figure out an integration for BuddyPress or decide to use something other than Frontity?

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@geogeo following to see if you figured anything out. I’m going to try to incorporate a social site in my project.

@matthewbertweb I spent some time looking into options and BuddyPress has REST built-in so that would be where I would start.

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Cool. I will look into that. I’m still newer at working with the WP REST API, and frontity for that matter, so this will be a good learning lesson for me.