Brainstorm and Support in New Project

Hi everyone!

I’m new to the Frontity community as I’m searching for a solution to a project I’m working on. My friends and I have decided to start publishing media content (blog articles, podcasts, etc) and I believe Frontity is an excellent framework to enable that work. I love the idea of using a highly customized React Front-End with Wordpress as our easy to navigate CMS. It’s for these reasons and more that I want to learn how to use Frontity.

However, I’m uncertain about how to get started and whether I can manage such a large scale project with such limited skills in the Frontity framework. I’m just over the beginner stage of React and I work as a Front-End Developer professionally for a start-up. I’m confident in my skills there. It’s working through the gotchas and flow of Frontity that I’m concerned about. I very much want to use Frontity, but I could use some guidance.

Which brings me here. I would love to get in touch with a senior member of the community or even someone on the development team to discuss together how I can plan out my project. I’ve read the Docs fairly closely so I have an idea of how to architect a project. But I can benefit from someone thinking through with me how best to do that. No long or frequent communication required, just a quick call to answer my questions, hopefully ease my concerns, and guide me in the right direction towards completing this project with Frontity.

Please reply here or DM me if you’re interested in helping me out! We can set up a call or email, whichever you’re comfortable with.

Thank you in advance, hope you’re all well!

Hi @paulandrews810

Welcome to the community. Great to hear that you’re planning to use Frontity for your next project, and TBH it sounds like you already have all the skills that you need to start working with Frontity.

Frontity is an Open Source project with a growing and increasingly active community of users and developers. Like all other Open Source projects we develop in the open, welcome contributions from the community, and communicate in open forums so knowledge can be shared and made available to all.

The team here at Frontity are very active in the forums. We will be very happy to help you with any enquiries you may have, but encourage you to use this forum so that the knowledge shared is available to all users of Frontity. Furthermore we’re happy to engage in long conversations and with complex technical problems if it’s necessary to facilitate the development of your project.

By asking your questions and sharing the steps you take in the development of your project here in the forums you’re not limiting the responses you receive to just those from the team, but you are also able to get input, thoughts, and answers from the wider community, so the resources and knowledge available to you will be greater than in a private conversation.

We therefore encourage you to share the thoughts, ideas and issues that you have relating to your project here in the forum so the whole community can benefit and potentially help you.

Be assured that we on the team will also be very proactive and responsive in providing any help or assistance you ask for.

Can I finish by just asking you a question - did you find any shortcomings in our documentation that led you to reach out in this way? We are actively developing our documentation and would welcome any suggestions that you think should be included but that are currently missing.

We look forward to continuing this conversation and to helping you succeed with your project.