✅ Beta Roadmap & Progress

I’m writing tests for frontity create :smiley:

I’ve finished integrating Helmet and Emotion and I’ll work on Overmind today.

I’ll be working on the dev, build and serve commands for the Frontity CLI.

I had some TypeScript problems that seem to be solved now (not completely). Today I’ve had to stop the wp-source development for a short time (:see_no_evil:) and I’m going to start with tiny-router.

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Working on some changes on Frontity CLI.

I’m going to work on The Build API today.

I’ve finished integrated the build API with settings (state.settings.frontity) and I’ve finished the SSR.

I’ve been working a lot to figure out how Frontity should deal with typescript and the state manager API this weekend. I think I got an elegant solution that works great in all cases, it’s simple to understand and easy to set up.

  • The good part is that finally all the pieces fit together (at least in my head) and everything works and it’s simple.
  • The bad part is that we cannot use overmind for the state manager because it is not compatible with that API.
  • But the final good part is that I think we can use observer-util to make an MVP of that state manager rather quickly and then evolve it to our final state manager.

This is going to delay us a bit but I was quite worried because typescript was an absolute mess. I prefer to delay the beta for one week than to launch with a very different API than the final one.

I’m going to be writing today about all this in the relevant posts and hopefully I will have time to finish the typings on the @frontity/types package.

Yesterday I finished the typings and today I want to start working on the new configuration and state manager.

I’m working on the last changes on the CLI for the beta release.

I’ll be working today on the new state manager.

Yesterday I made a PR for the first version of Frontity Connect and started refactoring the core to use Connect instead of Overmind. Today I hope to finish the core part.

Ok, the CLI should be ready. I’ll work on the starter theme.

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I made another PR for the connect API of Connect for React.

I think today I’ll be working on setting up the @frontity/mars-theme package and an example that works with it so @orballo is able to start the development later on.

If I finish that, I’ll work on the @frontity/tiny-router package.

I was doing a huge refactor, changing folder structure, and adapting the code to @frontity/connect (i.e. removing overmind).

There are still some test to add but it seems that everything is working.

I’ll be working today in small refactorings here and there to make sure everything is ready for the release.

I’m going to refactor actions to be an object containing actions and libraries instead of only state and I hope I can then publish all the packages and start testing them in a new project.

Let’s see if we can finish the beta today :muscle:

I’ve been working on the starter theme. I’m waiting for some changes in core before we can wire everything up, so I’ll be working on the docs in the meanwhile.

Ok, everything is almost ready :slight_smile:

I’ll be working today in the mars theme as well as in the documentation. Let’s see if today is our release day guys!

I’ll be working on the cli today.