Beginner help getting fourothree theme working

I am failing getting new Themes to work on my local node.js server. MarsTheme works fine from the start, I was also able to get Chaka Theme started.
Is there somebody who can tell me how to get into my current setup? Maybe some Step by Step. Trying 5h+ and I am missing something…

“ERROR in ./build/bundling/entry-points/nano/client.ts
Module build failed (from ./node_modules/babel-loader/lib/index.js):”

Hi @jolle775

I’m getting the same error. I suggest you raise an issue on Github so the author of this repo can help.

Maybe @403page can chime in here :slight_smile:

I’ll have a polk this evening and see what I’ve done (or not done) to make this not work. :blush: hang tight!

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EDIT: See next comment


Hey folks! Sorry for the hassle on this one but I have a quick(ish) and dirty solve.

I’m currently very much focused on cleaning this up and publishing so you won’t have to do these awkward steps - it was definitely shared prematurely but I’m humbled by the interest you’ve shown - these steps will do the trick for now (this is my updated design currently on, minus the react player and mailchimp subscriber, to keep that package small).

In the root of your frontity project…

Run: npx frontity create-package fourothree-theme
Enter the namespace of the package: fourothree-theme
Grab the theme from the new repo:
cd packages && git init && git pull

Once that’s done, move the content from /packages/fourothree/ to /packages/fourothree-theme:
cd fourothree && cp -r * ../fourothree-theme

In frontity.settings.js update the name to fourothree-theme:

  "packages": [
      "name": "fourothree-theme",

That should be it! Let me know if you run into any issues.
I promise I’ll have a neat package setup for y’all really soon.

Ok forget the last comment!

I finally published it! Bare in mind there’ll still be some rough edges in there but I’ll continue to clean/update it.

All you need to do is run:

npm i @403page/fourothree-theme --save

…in your Frontity project.

In frontity.settings.js update the theme name to fourothree-theme, and you’re all set.



thanks @403page for the quick solving :slight_smile: I will try my best to get in working soon and give you a headsup

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Quick update to that. I needed to publish to another account (@fourothreepage) because the fact that my username began with a number (@403page) didn’t play nice with the syntax check after bundling it into a project.

The NPM install command is now npm i @fourothreepage/fourothree-theme.
…or you can just grab the code from github here: