Automatically Refreshing Data When New Posts or CPTs are created

I’m curious. I don’t see anything in the docs and during development, I’m seeing a large lag time in new data refreshes.

Is it possible for Frontitiy to update the data immediately? Being that I save a new post in the WP backend and it automatically shows up in my theme in a post list?

Specifically, I’m working with CPTs, I’ve created a job post type and I want the jobs archive to update immediately when I create a new job.

My project requires that users see up to the second data.

Hi @joel

Frontity connects direcly to WordPress and get the latest version of each post/page on every request so you should have this behaviour without doing anything else.

What could be happening in your installation is.that some cache layers are in the middle of the requests that are returning cached copies of the content as a way to improve response time. If you check the headers of the request you should be able to see if the date comes form a cache server.

Where is your WordPress installation? Where do you have your Frontity project deployed?

Right now, I’m still running locally in Dev. I didn’t ask my question clearly enough. I’m looking for a way to set an interval to go back to WP every so often (second or something) and check for new posts. So that new posts show up automatically, and users can just leave the page open on their screens.