AutoAds Adsense could work in a SPA as Frontity?

Hey, I really want to thank you for creating Frontity, such an amazing project.

My question is if we could use Adsense Ads and AutoAds from Adsense in our websites created with Frontity
I really really investigate about it and seems pretty hard to load autoads from adsense in a SPA website

Is there a way to reload the AutoAds script to load new ads when we’re navigating between posts?
This is the script

I put the above script inside Tag in index.js (where root is defined)

That script works but it only loads one Ad (for now) and it is the same Ad for every post if I navigate without reloading the page (as a SPA works) so my mind explodes at this.

Im working on

And I really want to transform my other website with 10k users/week where I get a high revenue from Adsense.

I dont know if I’ll wait to see some support for this feature but I’m finding a way to do it every day without luck…

I’ll update this if I find something, thank you

Hi @manuelserrano943 ,

Frontity has the package @frontity/google-ad-manager that simplies the process of adding Ads to your frontity project

Here you have a video explaining how to use this package

And here you have the docs of this page

Hope this helps

I knew about this package but Adsense and Ad Manager are two different things

I tried this GitHub - hustcc/react-adsense: a simple React-component for Google AdSense / Baidu advertisement. and somehow it works but just with manual ads, not autoads.