As a PM, I'm trying to understand how Frontity work with Wordpress

Hi there,

I am trying to find a solution for our website recently. Previously, our SEO team are maintaining the post in WordPress. But all the pages, include main page, landing pages, are developed by Front-end engineer. That’s too ineffective!!! We started to find a solution for SEO to create the pages easiler.

My team was suggesting to develop our own CMS cause we have the professional colleagues to support. But I am thinking of lower headcount input. Meanwhile the SEO team are already managing the posts in WordPress for a while.

Now my doubt is how website editor really work under Wordpress and Frontity. I’ve read some user story of Frontity and found that editor could still continue working in WordPress using Gutenberg to design the pages. Is there any examples or screenshots or video could show the working flow of the content editor under Wordpress and Frontity? What’s the difference between traditional way and Frontity? What is the possibility adding React technique into Wordpress?

Looking forward for all your reply!!! :slightly_smiling_face: