Are Child Themes a thing in Frontity? New css style sheet or alter the existing styles

Hi all, just a quick question as a Frontity newbie. Coming from a classic WP background I want to understand the best practice for working with themes like the Mars theme.

In classic WP you would create a child theme so that any updates to the original theme don’t overwrite your changes.

So what’s the equivalent method in Frontity? Does it matter if you update the parent theme files or is there a ‘child theme’ approach?


Hi @russell,

In Frontity there are no upgrades to your theme, only the ones you make. So you only need one theme, located in the package folder. :slight_smile:

Thanks @kasper . What about changes to Frontity itself?

@russell If there are new releases to packages, you install them by running npm i in the root dir. But most new packages that release updates, are not breaking ones. Unless it is a major release of some sort. But if they do, they usually document it well.

As for frontity, as long as I have used it, there have been no updates that have broken any of my sites. :slight_smile:

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