Applying updates in server.js custom handler and updating the state in client.js

I’m having trouble getting server.js to update existing data in a way that the state is updated in the client.

I needed to access some external data using an API key, so I created server.js and client.js files and defined the handler in server.js and custom actions in client.js. In the handler, I set the data as shown below. This updates state on the server but in the browser state it is still the same as when it first loaded in the app.[link] = {
  isForum: true,
  isReady: true,
  messages: [...messages]

In the client, I fetch the data from the custom handler with the pattern I defined. I added the option force: true as suggested elsewhere in this forum. I expected that adding this option would be enough to force refresh the data set in the handler. I see the component attempt to refresh but the data is the same, which can be confirmed in the console.

await actions.source.fetch("/messages/", { force: true });

I hope someone can help me correctly update the state of existing data from server.js to client.js.