Analysis: Our new Edge and Dev infrastructure (Vercel)

They announce a set of improvements in several tools and infrastructure which provides a better general developer experience


  • Faster reload in development mode

Vercer CLI

  • Faster
  • Serverles functions can be tested locally
  • Environment variables taken from the cloud


  • Vercel’s own Anycast IP range (fastest ones, like Google Public DNS → for all deployments
  • More secure

The article has been written by these profiles in the company:

  • Matheus Fernandes @matheusfrndes → Head of Infra @vercel
  • Nathan Rajlich @tootallnate → Programmer / Nerd. Engineer @vercel
  • Tim Neutkens @timneutkens → Next.js lead @vercel, co-author of Next.js,
  • Joe Haddad @timer150 → Sr Software Engineer at ▲Vercel, working on Next.js.
  • Max Leiter @max_leiter → CS/BA @USC, Intern @vercel