Analysis: Cache is king: Announcing lower pricing for Cloud CDN

I have the impression there is some movement in the CDN world as different companies are offering new services (or improving their existing ones) related to cache & CDN.

A few weeks ago was CloudFlare making this important announcement

And now Google Cloud make it cheaper.

Have you noticed something similar? Have any of you tried configuring Google Cloud as a Cache layer for a Frontity project?

Besides all of this I like the phrase “Cache is King” to talk about performance. Maybe we can use it too, as it exposes in a direct way our reasoning regarding “You can have a good performance with a good Cache Strategy no matter the framework used to build your site” (performance Gatsby vs Frontity, for example)

Yes, I’ve also felt that lately. There are more people claiming that a good CDN caching strategy is as performant as a static site, which is great because a year ago it felt like we were alone in that battle :slightly_smiling_face: