Analysis: #48: Creating communites

  1. Create the single-player before the multi-player. → “come for the tool, stay for the network
  2. create a community from the ground is like discovering a new territory.
  3. Community → belonging, recognition, status

Recommended Book: Get Together

key message

The secret to get people to join to do something is by doing something with them and not for them

:zap: Make the spark

Identify your people

  • Identify the purpose of the community: who and with which goal
  • Identify initial “allies”

Do something together

  • Don’t think in the community as an audience but as a group of collaborators
  • Gather people together to a common activity. Make the activity useful, collaborative y reapeatable.
  • If people wants to repeat, do it

Make people talk

  • Make people connect to each other
  • Create an space so people can continue conversation
  • Make people feel welcome and encourage them to participate
  • Indicate ways of collaborating and erradicate soon bad behavior

:fire: Fan the fire

  • succesfull community → people wanting to join it
  • not a push but a pull
  • atract other members to the community should be a community goal

Attract more people

  • Make the story of the origin of the community be available for anyone who wants to know it. Tell your story. Tell our story.
  • Ease people can tell their story to the world
  • Spotlight exceptional community members → to help convince new ones

Cultivate your identity

  • Visual elements that can be show
  • Rituals to encourage union of members
  • Create your own language

Watch newcomers

A commuinity is a living organism. It’s improving or getting worse (no middle term).

  • New members will only come back if they find first interactions useful
  • Watch retention and participation of members. Identify who’s coming back and why
  • Watch most participative members → future leaders
  • Be ready to be transparent when you make mistakes

:sunny: Pass the torch

Create more leaders

Empower your leaders

Celebrate together