Always the same, a good product, then

I’d like to share my opinion with you guys.
As a web developer, how many hours did you spend designing something? I did my own calculations, usually I spend almost 50% of my time designing, dealing with css and styling. After 20 years into the web develop sector, I found myself managing others developers. The path career seems to start designing, then you become a frontender, then a full stack and so.
So t is very hard to find senior designers, however it is a crucial task in the cycle product life.

Reading about Frontity, digging in here and there, I realized that there is finally a mechanism where two worlds become together, so now you can design using Gutenberg or Elementor into Wordpress and then add a layer of logic using react…easily.

And then, just when the product is mature, it is abandoned to the ‘community’ where there are not a minimal work structure that assure continuity yet. Therefore, nobody knows if it will be maintained or not in the next coming years. The direct consequence of this will be no managers will take the decision of start a new project using an already dead way. The proof is the number of commits in the last year:
Frontity commits:

Gastby commits:

I agree with you @rafael.fernandez.gis
I am always afraid to start the project with frontity, I was expecting the team will always be here and will keep continuing the progress like Woocommerce integration, AMP, etc.

I build some sites using frontity and I love their loading speed. Just awesome

Now I am trying to integrate the elementor with it, the Free elementor version is tested, and trying to figure out the element pro version integration. Honestly, I was expecting the team will be staying with frontity to do more progress


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Yes, for me I won’t continue using frontity, I think it was a kind a mistake, i can’t use third part dependencies and I found very difficult to upload to a hosting, so for me was enough with frontity,

It means i shouldn’t start client projects with Frontity, or if i build site have to do everything manually?

Hey guys,
I am switching to Faustjs. The frontity team did a great and awesome work with the framework that I am super grateful for, thanks for that guys! It helped me a lot decoupling backend and frontend.

Although I did a lot of customizations, I have to say that in most of the cases it, at one point, started to feel like just workarounds (starting with custom pages, bringing together posts from different categories and so on). Frontity is great if you like to have a decoupled Wordpress, but it’s challenging if you wanna use it as CMS and do more custom stuff.
Faustjs for example integrates in Next.js while in frontity you have to integrate your stuff in the framework. As it’s not actively maintained currently I see a huge issue being too dependent on the framework specific stuff, at least that is what happened to me now and it becomes a security risk as well.

I wish it will be further conitnued, also when I am not using it anymore. And maybe, the guys can move automattic and WP more in the direction of what they had in mind when building frontity. For example I also see a lot of challenges with Gutenberg (what’s also not handled in Faustjs). Maybe forces could be joined.

What’s your opinion?


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We reached a point where Frontity is unusable, this a really really sad.
Can’t we at least update the core of Frontity so we can use newer React and install npm packages without --legacy-peer-deps ?

I can help, but i’m not a good developper