Adding Related Posts

Hey all, planning to get stuck in to adding a “related posts” section to my single page view this weekend.

Full disclosure, I’ve not attempted yet but just find my mind wandering over the last few days of how best to approach it and havent been able to fully visualise a good method.

Just curious if anyone here has done this and can share their thoughts on their preferred method before I get started.

Do you plan to write the logic for deciding what posts are ‘related’ yourself? When building PHP-based themes for WordPress we had some good experiences using the YARPP plugin ( and it seems to have REST API endpoints, so that might be interesting for you?

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Hi @403page

The plugin that @dominique suggests looks interesting. I guess it depends on how you’re intending to implement this, but good old WordPress tags are another way of deciding what posts are related to the current one - so long as you have a consistent and systematic approach to adding tags to posts.